About me

It's all about the stories.The stories of the past, the stories of today and the stories of tomorrow.

Nowadays people barely read texts on websites, so I'm going to keep this short. I'm a 25 years old media producer living in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. How many words is then a video worth? Probably an uncountable number, since there's no other way to tell a story as powerful as a well produced motion picture. That's most likely why I love all kinds of motion media - films, reality shows and documentaries to mention a few. I believe there are three key factors to a successful project - a good story, detailed planning and working with the right people. I've had the pleasure to work with some of the leading production companies and tv-networks for feature film and television in Sweden and have built a wide network of established cinematographers, directors, props masters, sound engineers, actors/actresses, music artists, comedians, managers etc. Before I started to work behind the scenes with film and television I used to make a living out of performing with magic shows. This was something I started doing as a 10 years old kid, and as a magician I got to perform my shows not only in Sweden, but also for 7 months in Egypt and 3 months in Turkey.







Full Filmography

  • To Be Announced 2019, 8 Episodes, Production Coordinator
  • Allt Jag Inte Minns (Everything I Can't Remember), 3 Episodes, Production Coordinator
  • Finaste Familjen Season 3, 8 Episodes, Production Coordinator
  • Svartsjön (Black Lake) Season 2, 8 Episodes, Production Coordinator
  • Jordskott 2, 8 Episodes, Technical Coordinator
  • Jordskott 2, 1 Episode, First Assistant Director 2nd Unit
  • Finaste Familjen Season 1 & 2, 16 Episodes, Production Assistant

  • To Be Announced 2019, Casting Director
  • To Be Announced 2019, Casting Director
  • Hjälp jag har inget att ha på mig, 20 Episodes, Field Producer
  • Bonde Söker Fru, 2 Episodes, Team Assistant
  • Swedish Idol 2016, 12 Episodes, Production Assistant
  • Swedish Idol 2015, 10 Episodes, Jury Assistant
  • Kristallen 2015 (Swedish Emmy Awards), 1 Live Broadcast, Production Assistant

  • Slave Queen, Producer

  • Bangla Dreams, Line Producer

TV-APPEARANCES (interviews, Youtube-clips etc. excluded)
  • World's Most Talented 2015, Judge
  • Sweden's Got Talent 2014, 2 Episodes, Myself
  • Rampljuset 2008, 3 Episodes, Myself
  • Jonas Jullov 2004, Myself

  • Splay Networks, Youtube Partner 2014-2017
  • Dreamhill Music Academy, Web-tv Producer
  • ELLE Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2016
  • Sofar Sounds Stockholm, 2 Episodes, Cinematographer b-camera
  • Swedish Game Awards 2015, 1 Live Broadcast, Floor Manager
  • Kind of Swedish, Facebook page with more than 15 000 followers.
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